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I have been mulling over the idea for this site for some time now. When I retired from full time work, I very quickly filled my spare time by researching local history and realised that there were rather large gaps in the information that was available about the various Lacock Abbey owners.

Some owners, like Henry Fox Talbot have reams and reams of information available. The most difficult thing with him, is to actually filter out all the hyperbole and distill things down to the essentials. With others, there is far less information out there and filling in the blanks seems well nigh impossible, but nevertheless, that is what I am going to try to do. The end result will hopefully be a more balanced appraisal of the various incredible characters who have inhabited the Abbey over the last seven hundred and eighty years.

Hopefully there will be others out there that share my interests and will feel able to contribute, otherwise I am in for a very long haul.